Our consulting service provides customers with individually tailored proposed solutions for their queries, in order to achieve optimum results. This starts by selecting the correct materials for the particular area of application. We subsequently develop prototypes and series components according to customer wishes, and using our CAD system. We provide professional and comprehensive advice to our customers - and are happy to do so on site.

Training courses

Our training courses cover general packaging regulations for the packaging of hazardous goods and expert level training courses, as required by UN Directives and in accordance with ADR IMDG and ADR. The expert level training courses are conducted by us in-house and also comprise a practical element. In this way, we ensure that the participants are also competent to carry out all procedures for the 2.5 year or 5 year inspection examination. We issue each participant with a certificate for participating in the expert level training course, which documents their level of expertise..

Inspection of Hazardous goods IBCs (2.5 and 5 years)

The maximum permitted service life of plastic hazardous goods tanks is 5 years from the date of manufacture. After 2.5 years there is a legal statutory requirement to examine for leakage and perform a visual check, and this must also be documented. After 5 years the container's hazardous goods licence expires but can be awarded a new licence subject to replacement of different parts and following a repeat inspection. We would be delighted to carry out these inspections for you - either at our premises or on site.


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