IBC KT 1000 LF

IBC KT 1000 LF

Der Hessentaler Kunststofftank KT 1000 LF mit einem Füllvolumen von 1000 Litern zeichnet sich durch seinen vielseitigen und praktischen Nutzen aus. Der Behälter ist für leicht entflammbares Gefahrgut der EX Zone II zugelassen.
Die vorteilhafte Eigenschaften des KT 1000 LF werden sich in der Effizienz, Wirtschaftlichkeit und Rentabilität Ihres Unternehmens bemerkbar machen.


  • Tiefe: 1200 mm
  • Breite: 1000 mm
  • Höhe: 1415 mm
  • Gewicht: 180 kg


with permit in accordance with ADR/RID IMDG EX Zone II

Black, interior natural (manufactured in the co-extrusion process)

EPDM or Viton (FPM), others on request



Properties: - robust and durable construction
- 5 year hazardous goods permit
- accessible on 4 sides
- can be completely emptied by tilting the bottom
- all parts connected electrically > prevents static electricity
- Surface resistance <= 105 Ohm




- Filling opening in NW 150 with NW 48 opening for ventilation

- electrically conductive PE ball cocks or PE blank cover






- 31HA1 / Y /..../ D / BAM 7224 - HCG / 9018 / 1778

- Solid material permit:
11HA1 / Y /..../ D / BAM 12937-HCG / 9018 / 1778

-GGVS/GGVE appendix 6 or IMDG Code,
Building Regulations List C of the DIfBT (Bauregelliste C), EX Zone




Fields of application: e.g.:
-Storage and transport of EX Zone II category materials 
Our Customers

Our Costumers:
- Chemical Industry
- Pharmaceutical Industry 
- ...


  KT 1000 LF pallet cage


Volumes / (overflow volumes): 1000 litres (1065 litres)
Overall height: 1415 mm
Batch height: 1355 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Depth: 1200 mm
Filling opening: NW 150 with a supplementary NW 48 opening
Outlet valve:
electrically conductive PE ball cock NW 25/32/40/50 or PE blank cover
Outlet seal: EPDM or Viton (FMM), other options available on request
Material and Colour: Plastic HD PE exterior black/electrically conductive, interior natural,
food-safe Resistance <= 105 Ohm
Pallet Cage:
red powder-coated or hot-dip galvanised pallet cage with
2 securing brackets
Laws and regulations: GGVS/GGVE Appendix 6 or IMDG code, Building Regulations List C DlfBT (Bauregelliste C), EX Zone II



  Type Permit for hazardous goods



Pallet cage KT 1000 black/natural NW 150, PE ball cock NW 40 EPDM seal with cover + chain, screw cap NW 150 (colour depending on the seal), screw cap NW 48 in red powder-coated pallet cage with 2 securing brackets

Also available with other seals (Viton, EPDM, foam rubber) and ball cocks from NW 25 to NW 50 blank flange





...and many other variations!
We build the containers to customer specifications which means we have a product to suit everyone.



Spare parts:
Please request the required spare parts.
IBC: Tank bladder, platform, screw caps, covers, clamping ring, seals
PE ball cock: all parts can be ordered separately
Other valves: only available as a complete unit
Pallet cage can be supplied



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