Drink Container Type 97

Drink Container Type 97

The Hessentaler Drinks Containers Type 97 with a filling capacity of 25, 40 and 60 litres have excellent benefits in terms of efficiency and practicality. The many benefits of the Type 97 drinks containers will become evident through increases in efficiency, profitability and cost-effectiveness in your company.


- Outlet tap
- Rubber bungs
- Fermentation lock



- welded on, ergonomic carrying handles
- sealable
- resistant to chemicals ("strong" cleaning products)
- heavy, stable design
- food-safe
- suitable as a container for must



- The container is fitted with a filler plug as standard. However, this can be replaced with an outlet tap on the internal thread.
- "Lighter" containers can also be produced on request.
- Other colours are also available depending on relevant purchase quantity




  25 Litre 40 Litre 60 Litre 
Overall diameter: 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
Height: 290 mm 440 mm 600mm
Weight: 1,7 kg 1,9 kg 2,3 kg
Fallgriffe: 2 2 2
Filling opening: NW 200 NW 200 NW 200
Screw lid:
Material and Colour: Plastic HD PE natural, food-safe



Also available in other colours, in appropriate quantity, on request. The round hobbocks have already been in use for several years in the foodstuff and pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the camping and leisure sector, with great success. Similarly to all our Hessentaler containers they are sealable and the shape is suitable for pallet transport.
1) Special variations - only on request
Please let us know if you have any special requirements. Write to us!





  Type Permit for hazardous goods



25 /  40 / 60 litre containers natural colours, blue screw cap NW 200 (with integrated screw cap NW 40) with seal,
sealed underneath with a filler plug



Available with accessories:
Rubber bungs
Fermentation lock
Outlet tap



On request
"lighter" design and/or a different colour
- only available in appropriate quantities -



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November 2008 Catalogue: Drinks containers  






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