Plastic parts have been manufactured in Hessental for nearly 70 years. These years of expertise are reflected in our wide range of products. Packaging manufactured there includes not only containers from 50ml canisters to 1800 litre capacity, but also very complex blow-molded technical parts.

Our team has many years of experience in this sector and include members who have worked in the company since virtually the beginning of the plastics industry. Furthermore, we are vigilant in ensuring that the training of new team members is kept up-to-date.

The bankruptcy of the Kurz Hessental company in 1998 meant that the products continued to exist in the Hessentaler Container company (HCG for short).

In contrast: The management buyout by Mr. Hans Georg Flinner from Altenkirchener Kunststoff (who was originally the receiver after the bankruptcy) gave the team a fresh boost and allowed the launch of completely new business segments.

There are approx. 35 employees currently working in 3 shifts on both packaging and blow-molded technical parts.

Our primary concern is to deliver top quality products to the complete satisfaction of our customers. This is why, right from the start of our company, a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 was introduced and maintained. It was certified for the first time in 2005.

The increase in customers, as well as the increase in turnover in recent years, demonstrate that the HCG company is moving and being steered in the right direction. Constantly seeking out new products and projects, we invite you to contact us with your requirements so that we can find the solution that meets your needs.

We are a member of the IK Kunststoffvereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. .The webside can you find here finden.

Development and History of Hessentaler Containers

2018 Conversion of our EDP program

2017 Conversion of our management manual 9001: 2008 → 9001: 2015

2015 2 brand new extruders on the GBA

2015 Flex Silo developed in a very environmentally friendly manner with the customer

2014 Initial Energy Management Certification

2012 First Fuel Container Prototypes

2010 10 year anniversary

2009 Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 implemented.

2006 Use of robots

2005 First-time certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

2000 Establishment of HC Hessentaler Container GmbH

1999 Insolvency of Karl Kurz Hessental GmbH, takeover by Altenkirchener Kunststoff

30s Karl Kurz Hessental GmbH, Manufacture of wooden containers for foodstuffs and hazardous materials



Customer satisfaction

We do everything to ensure complete customer satisfaction. This manifests itself in the statement that everything we produce, make and do is designed to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. We want to go that extra distance, to do what our competitors and rivals are not prepared or able to do.


Our processes are designed in order to use the least possible amount of resources. In this way we want to contribute to sustainable environmental protection.

Our Team

Our staff is our most important asset. We support them at every level, for example through training and especially through responsible behaviour. This in turn means that we consistently produce excellent quality products.


We have succeeded for several years in having zero PPM (parts per million). This is an indication of the high quality requirements we manage to consistently satisfy.


Our customer satisfaction levels are also increased by our rapid adoption of innovative measures. We have the capacity to deliver special customer requests in product solutions that are 100% practically oriented. We do not shy away from providing appropriate certificates and authorisations for individual items or for small batch sizes where necessary, for example in the packaging department.

Delivery capability

By maintaining excellent communication with our customers we can ensure that we deliver (almost) always just-in-time. It is a very, very rare occurrence that we are unable to deliver on time and that we are at fault. We are constantly seeking to improve this so that we can achieve 100% delivery capability without any delay whatsoever, regardless of the reason. We often store parts for our customers in our warehouse.


Through in-depth consultancy, including on-site at our customers, we not only deal with our own products. In fact, we are increasingly delighted to be able to offer our customers an overall plan in their setting. Our suggestions are often adopted and found to be extremely helpful. In the future, we hope to manage and expand this service even more, as we believe that a customer who receives useful advice and support is more likely to be a repeat customer.

Extruded blow technology competency

With the many experienced team members in our in-house staff, we have achieved a level of excellence in extruded blow-molded parts. We manage to create products that our competitors have deemed impossible. This is testimony to what can be achieved by highly motivated employees and their constant striving to optimise processes and product design, resulting in comprehensive solutions for our customers.


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